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Happy Holidays… and stuff.

December 28, 2006
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Ohhhh right. I knew I forgot to do something. See, due to how busy December can be with all of the holidays and shopping and everything, I knew in advance that I probably wouldn’t get to do much blogging or site updating for a while. I’m sure most people could understand that and forgive me.

The only problem is I kind of forgot to mention this a month ago back when, ya know, I last blogged. See, I knew I forgot to do something.

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails lately (which I just now got around to checking) from people wondering where I’ve been and that’s when I realized I forgot to make my “Have a Happy Holiday, I probably won’t get to blog for a while” post.

So… better late than never. Have a Happy Holiday (which is already over) and have a safe and happy New Year (still made it in time!).

I’ll be back to blogging and updating the site before you know it.

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