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November 6, 2006
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Hi. I’m not exactly sure if “easy” is the perfect word to use to describe what I’m about to say, but then again, if there really was a way to lose weight without changing what you eat (I’m being completely serious this time), then maybe it should be described as the easiest way to lose weight?

When most people think about weight loss, or really just their diet in general, they think food and eating. When they think about calories, or more specifically, a calorie reduction, they once again think food and how much less of it they’ll have to eat. While food does make up the majority of your diet and therefore the majority of your daily calorie intake, there is another aspect of your diet that’s being neglected by this thought process.


I’m talking soda, sports drinks, fruit juices, beer, and every other liquid that is drinkable besides water.

All of the above contain calories. Water doesn’t. And these liquid calories are a lot quicker and easier and less filling to consume than solid food calories. You can probably drink 500 calories worth of some liquid before you’d even have the time to prepare 500 calories worth of solid food.

So, while you should DEFINITELY get the food part of your diet in order, there are a surprisingly large number of people out there that could lose weight solely by changing what they drink, without even touching what they eat. See, I told you I was serious before.

What type of drink change should you make exactly? I can answer that question for you in just 4 words: Replace everything with water.

Soda is completely useless and should be avoided by everyone whether they are trying to lose weight or not. It’s just empty, useless calories. In a somewhat similar way, the same could be said about beer.

Sports drinks (such as Gatorade) can have their place, but a lot of the people drinking them are doing so in situations where there is absolutely no need for a sports drink. If you are playing basketball for an hour, fine. If you are running a marathon, go for it. If you are sitting around in your living room watching TV… do I even have to finish this sentence?

And about fruit juices… I know. “Fruit is healthy!!! You can’t tell people not to drink fruit juice!” Actually, yes I can. If you want the really good stuff (ya know, vitamins) that is in fruit… EAT FRUIT. If you want something to drink, DRINK WATER.

In Phase 1 of The Lose Weight Diet, you learn the ideal calorie reduction for weight loss to take place is about 500 calories. When most people hear that, they think food. While a lot of people will only be able to create this calorie deficit by eating less food, there are actually quite a few people out there that can accomplish this by doing something as simple and easy as drinking water instead of soda.

If you happen to be one of these people… then what in the hell are you waiting for?

(Oh, and just to reemphasize what I said before, even if you can lose weight just by changing what you drink, you should still make the effort to improve what you eat. Got that? Good.)

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11 Responses to “The easiest way to lose weight.”

  1. invah Says:

    When I met my husband, all he drank was soda. He’d get a mc-whatever for breakfast with the giant soda. Now, I don’t buy soda (or mc-whatever’s just for the record), but I didn’t want to be the girl who demanded he change for me. Even though I only drink water, I thought it would be unrealistic to expect that he would just change like that.

    So we compromised and got gatorade instead of soda.

    No we are to the point where he drinks water more than anything else, but I don’t really think it would have happened without the gatorade.

  2. Dave M Says:

    Hey, great blog and I LOVE your diet plan! :-) So, what’s wrong with drinking diet soda? There are no calories or sugar, and it tastes a lot better than water. No harm no foul, right?

  3. Tracy Says:

    Hi, i have a question
    I’m 5ft , i was 160 pounds.. then i keep my daily Calorie at 1200 per day.. i lost 20 pounds.. but it’s 2 months, my weight is still the same… i read a lot article that i shouldn’t eat lesser than 1200 calorie per day.. so what should i do to lose 20 pound.. my goal is 120 pound
    thank you so much.. this site is so wonderful land for some1 like me
    thanks again

  4. cam Says:

    your blog is worth reading…it helped me a lot…thanks…

  5. anonymous Says:

    this should be obvious to everyone!. eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water is the only way to lose weight! . ifu want to speed up weight lose do some exercise

  6. Nombuso Says:

    Hi,the easiest way to lose weight is to drink lot of water, that’s what I do, it also helps me with my digestion. Try warm water or cold water with lemon. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.Don’t eat if you are not hungry. Avoid eating out instead cook for yourself.This has helped me a lot,I use to wear a size 32 but now I wear a size 28.

  7. Helen Says:

    Great blog

  8. Cora Says:

    Hi. Quick question for you. I have begun drinking assorted teas; green, black, rooibos (mostly rooibos- less the caffeine) as well as water, I know that drinking tea is a great replacement especially since it has beneficial antioxidants. Do you have any thoughts about tea?

  9. Miley Says:

    Nice idea.i will try it but can we drink ice water.thank you.

  10. Linda Says:

    Is it really that easy? I drink sweet tea all the time and I know that’s full of empty calories. So im trying to drink water now. Only one day so far, but what to you recommend for coming off the caffine?

  11. Pamela Says:

    hi, nice blog, very hilarious n helpful. never knew alcohol made u gain weight, thought it was just beer. anyway, thank u so much! ill take the drinks into consideration!!!