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Calorie counting = “old fashioned” weight loss?

August 14, 2006
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Today I came across an extremely popular weight loss forum that shall remain nameless. Like any forum, it had different sub-forums for different weight loss plans. For example, there was a Weight Watchers forum, a South Beach Diet forum, an Atkins Diet forum, and so on. But then, hidden away near the bottom, was a tiny little sub-forum called Calorie Counting.

This caught my attention because, if you haven’t noticed, The Lose Weight Diet is essentially a calorie counting diet. Once inside this barely alive sub-forum, there was really only one active topic. But what really caught my eye was the title of this topic. In this title, calorie counting was referred to as “old fashioned weight loss.”

Hold on. Time out.

old-fash·ioned (adj.)

  1. Of a style or method formerly in vogue; outdated.
  2. Formed according to old or obsolete fashion or pattern; belonging to or characteristic of times past;

Synonyms: obsolete, disapproved, extinct, not current, out-of-date, out-of-style, outdated, past, primitive, unfashionable

Wow, how interesting. So all this time I’ve been controlling my weight using a method that is not only old and outdated, but is also obsolete. Wow, who knew?

According to the geniuses at this forum, calorie counting not only no longer exists as a useful weight loss method, but it has been replaced by far more modern and advanced plans such as Atkins, South Beach and Weight Watchers.

Boy was my face red! Here I was basing my diet on a method that is extinct. That’s just like planning to ride a dinosaur to work tomorrow. I feel so… old fashioned.

Ok, enough sarcasm. The truth is the people of this weight loss forum aren’t, well, smart. Wait, that might not be the right word. Informed. Yeah, that’s it. These people just aren’t informed. Their entire knowledge of weight loss, diet and nutrition comes from advertisements, junky magazines and other people who are just as uninformed as they are.

See, this forum is how it all happens. One person with incorrect information gives it to someone, and this new person gives it to someone else. It’s like a virus spreading. One person somehow became under the impression that calorie counting was this primative/obsolete/outdated/old fashioned weight loss method that has been replaced by better ones, and now a lot of people are under the same impression.

The even bigger problem is that every person showing up at this very popular forum for the first time will likely decide to pass on calorie counting because so many people agree that it’s “old fashioned.” And if people on a weight loss forum are saying it… then by God it must be true.

As I’ve mentioned before, a person will lose weight when they end up consuming less calories than their calorie maintenance level. That’s it. That’s weight loss. Calorie counting is just the only way of knowing for sure how many calories you consume. It’s not a diet gimmick. It’s not a weight loss method. It’s not an idea or opinion.

It’s a fact.

Weight loss happens when you eat less calories than your body needs. The only way to know how many calories you’re eating is by counting them. Thus, calorie counting isn’t “old fashioned” weight loss. It’s common sense weight loss. It’s losing weight the most obvious way the human body was meant to. It also happens to be the safest, too. And not to mention, free.

So, is calorie counting “old fashioned” weight loss? Ya know what? Sure. It is. If you have common sense, dislike wasting money, time or effort, and prefer safe things to unsafe things, then my friend… consider yourself old fashioned.

Anyway, I better get going now, me and my Grandma are going to go sit on a park bench and feed the birds while we reminisce about the good old days of calorie counting.

P.S. Some weight loss and/or fitness forums are really good. Others though are really bad. Being popular and active doesn’t necessarily make it one of the good ones.

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4 Responses to “Calorie counting = “old fashioned” weight loss?”

  1. Joie Says:

    These are my sentiments exactly. I posted on this issue a couple of days ago.

  2. Rachel Says:

    i feel soo stupid!
    i would have never thought about that.
    im only 12 and not really fat,
    but im going to florida the day after x-mas so…
    i wanna look GOOD!

  3. Chris Says:

    I agree. All those fad diets work (if they work) because the dieters end up eating less than their maintenance needs. At the end of the day, they all come back kissing calorie-countings ass.

  4. amanda Says:

    i tried out the “old fashioned” weight loss and its working i also tried the diet were you subtract 500 from your normal calories you take in a day and thats also working…im so happy and i just want to tel you this
    “YOU ROCK”