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Site Update: Will a healthy diet alone cause weight loss? Nope.

July 13, 2006
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As you may or may not have noticed, after The Lose Weight Diet site went live about a month ago, there hasn’t been one single update since. No no, it’s not because I’m lazy or just an all around terrible web-site-runner-person. It’s just that if my hands had to type the words “weight” or “calories” or “diet” one more time, they would have attacked me. Yes, seriously.

I don’t think I’ve ever typed the same few words so many times over the course of such a short period of time. It’s okay though. I’m pretty much back to normal now. So anyway, the update…

A healthy diet alone will make you lose weight – Weight Loss Myth

It’s an article about the idea that just eating a good diet consisting of good foods (and no junk food) is enough to automatically cause a person to lose weight. Is it true? We’ll, if your detective skills are good enough, you’ve probably already figured out that it isn’t due to the phrase “Weight Loss Myth” appearing at the end of the title of the actual article. Nice work, Sherlock.

Feel free to leave any questions/comments about that article right here. If you have any suggestions for future articles, you can leave that here as well or just send me an email.

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One Response to “Site Update: Will a healthy diet alone cause weight loss? Nope.”

  1. invah Says:

    What about all those people who claim that after you detox your body, fifteen pounds of crap that’s been hanging out has finally been chiseled free from your intestines?