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Lose Weight Fast - Is quick weight loss possible?

I think it's pretty safe to assume that no one wants to lose weight slowly. No, they want to lose it fast. But, in order to truly understand quick weight loss, you'd really first need to understand that there are two different kinds.

There's the impossible kind, and then there's the unsafe kind.

Let's start with the impossible.

The impossible way to lose weight fast.

Wait. Hold on. What?!?

Are you serious? You really thought this article was going to be about the amazingly safe and very-much-possible ways that you can actually lose weight fast? HA! I don't mean to laugh, but... HA! Sorry. It doesn't mean you are stupid for thinking that quick weight loss is actually possible and/or safe. It just means you watch TV, read magazines, and are a normal human being living on the planet earth.

You see, it is the jobs of so many people to put the idea of quick weight loss into your head. They spend millions of dollars trying to do just that. They want you to want it, hope for it, and believe in it. Oh, and they also want you to buy whatever weight loss or diet pill, product, or supplement they are trying to sell you in order to make these supposed rapid results happen.

This is the type of quick weight loss that I have nicknamed the "impossible" type. It's the type that only exists in some sort of diet product fantasy world where lies really do come true. In the real world however, they are just plain old lies.

You can't really blame these people though. Ok, you can. But I mean, how many diet pills do you think they'd sell if they claimed they would make you lose weight slowly? Or if the big tag-line of some fitness product was "Buy this fitness product so you can lose weight at the normal recommended speed!!" They probably wouldn't make too much money like that, and, if you didn't already know, weight loss is all about making money.

That's typically why the only real time you see, hear, or think the phrase "lose weight fast" is when something is being sold to you. For example, how many amazing before and after pictures have you seen? And, after seeing them, how many times have you wished that you could get those same results just as quick and easy as they say they did?

Well, here's a quick tip. As soon as before and after pictures are presented to you in an attempt to prove some type of diet or weight loss product actually works (and works fast), you should run far, far away. Stop watching, stop reading, stop listening. It's all lies. Every person, every word.

- They are paid actors and models.
- They all looked that good long before whatever quick weight loss product they are advertising was even invented.
- The pictures are fake.
- They are heads on different bodies.
- They are 6 months apart instead of 6 weeks apart.
- The lighting has been changed.
- The person is flexing and smiling instead of slouching and frowning.
- They were ugly and pale, now they're pretty and tan.
- The "after" picture is really the before picture, and they then had this in-shape person purposely gain weight to create a "before" picture.

Something, somehow, in someway, is a lie.

Equally fake are the claims that they were able to lose weight fast. "I lost 30 pounds in just 2 weeks!" The only way you're going to lose that much weight that fast is if you are involved in some kind of chainsaw accident. Seriously, any weight loss claim that seems way too good to be true always is. Remember that.

As unfortunate as this may sound, there is just no way to lose such crazy amounts of weight in such short periods of time. It's just impossible. The only people that will tell you anything different are the wonderful people trying to sell you something. They will throw pictures, testimonials, money back guarantees, celebrities, and the kitchen sink at you in order to get you to believe it.

And, just so you know, this whole thing about fast weight loss being impossible isn't just my own personal opinion. Even the government is in full agreement. There are many articles on the Federal Trade Commission's web site that basically confirm everything I just said. For example, this one and this one.

The unsafe way to lose weight fast.

And then there's the unsafe kind. The unsafe kind involves doing all sorts of crazy, unsafe, unhealthy and all around dangerous things for the sole purpose of losing more weight than you should in a very short period of time. Typically this type of quick weight loss is mentioned as a result of diets that involve eating mostly one specific "special" food.

As you should already know, your body needs a lot of things. For example, protein, carbs, fat, and vitamins. Eating one "special" food will not allow you to get the nutrients your body needs daily to function properly. Not to mention, all you really end up losing on these types of crash diets is water, not fat. When your diet returns to normal, so will your weight.

The other supposed way to successfully lose weight fast is by reducing your calorie intake by way too much, way too quick. Yes, The Lose Weight Diet is all about calorie reduction, however, it's all about an extremely slow and extremely small calorie reduction. We're talking 500 calories below your maintenance level. That is what will cause you to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week, and this is the rate that all the experts recommend and consider safe and healthy and just plain right. And when I say "experts," I'm referring to doctors and other highly trained smart people who aren't trying to sell you something.

On the other hand, these way-too-low-calorie diets go much lower than that, much faster. This is unhealthy and potentially quite dangerous. For one thing, your body will go into a state where it purposely stops you from losing fat because it senses something is wrong and tries to keep you alive. Reducing your calorie intake by too much too quickly greatly increases your chances of losing muscle instead of fat.

The bottom line...

There is no diet pill or supplement, there is no fitness product or machine, there is no weight loss program or system... there is just nothing that will make you lose weight fast in a manner that is A) actually possible, or B) actually safe. What does that mean to you exactly? Well, it means that if you started reading this article with the hopes of learning how to lose weight fast, you should now remove the idea from your mind completely. It either can't happen, or it shouldn't happen.

Instead, focus on your diet and your workout and the idea of losing a perfectly fine and healthy and expert recommended 1 or 2 pounds per week. Trust me, soon enough you'll be done losing weight and you'll be pretty happy that you didn't waste any time, effort, money, or health on trying to do it any quicker than it's meant to be done.