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Diet And Nutrition Articles

While the 3 Phases of The Lose Weight Diet pretty much explain everything you need to know in order to lose weight, there is still some additional diet and nutrition information that could be of use to you. Below is a listing of all of The Lose Weight Diet's other free diet and nutrition articles along with a short description of each. New articles are added regularly.

Healthy Diet Foods List
The Lose Weight Diet's free list of healthy diet foods contains possible choices for you to select from when deciding which foods to include in your weight loss diet plan. Foods are separated into 3 categories; good protein sources, good carb sources and good fat sources.

Fad Diets
I sometimes like to refer to The Lose Weight Diet as the "anti-fad" diet plan. To understand why, you'd first need to understand fad diets and my opinion of them.

Diet Plans And Weight Loss Programs Compared
A brief review of some of the most popular weight loss diet plans around. See how they all stack up against The Lose Weight Diet.

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