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The Lose Weight Diet is and always will be 100% free. All that's left to do now is make sure people know about it. Let them know there is a way for weight loss to happen that doesn't involve spending money. Let them know they can lose weight safely and effectively without the unnecessary gimmicks that fad diets and commercial weight loss plans require.

Let them know there's another way by pointing them in the direction of The Lose Weight Diet and

There are 2 easy ways you can do this. The first is obvious. When you lose weight or start losing weight, friends and family might ask you how you did it. Let them know you were on The Lose Weight Diet. Even if they don't ask (trust me, they will), if you know someone who has tried and failed to lose weight or is just looking for a way, recommend they give a try. They'll thank you for it later.

The second way is equally as easy and is for anyone who has their own web site or blog. Help spread the word with a link. Since I'm way too artistically-challenged to make cool buttons, here are some text link suggestions along with the HTML for easy copy and paste access:

The Lose Weight Diet

The Lose Weight Diet: It's the anti-fad.

The Lose Weight Diet: It makes weight loss happen.

The Lose Weight Diet: Weight loss. For free.

weight loss + common sense = The Lose Weight Diet

I'm on The Lose Weight Diet.

I'm losing weight on The Lose Weight Diet.

I lost weight on The Lose Weight Diet.

If you come up with your own catchy slogan, let me know and (if it's good enough) I'll add it to this list.

Thanks for helping spread the word.